All you need to know about travel insurance in Edmonton!

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Travel Insurance Edmonton

Travel insurance in Edmonton is an age old insurance policy which provides you with a wide range of services bundled in a single policy, qualifying your requirements. As the name suggests, all travellers can opt for it. It basically covers the unexpected financial obligations occurring during your travel. Under travel insurance, are numerous policies, for the varied traveler and their trips. Depending on their frequency of travel, the destination of travel and personal traits, the policies are available in different forms.

One broad classification of travel insurance is :

• Single trip Insurance plan: For the occasional traveler.

• Multi trip Insurance plan: For the frequent traveler. The plan can either extend to all the days of travel in the year or for a limited number of days in the whole.

It may also be a single participant or family/group insurance policy, provided the group is together during the travel.

Medical treatments, especially at places you are not acquainted with, can be costly. Any travel insurance in Edmonton would primarily include the medical costs while traveling. Hence, for senior citizens who travel, it becomes a necessity to opt for a travel insurance. Your plan can also include an unlimited 24 hours medical bill cover.

The non-medical part of a Travel Insurance in Edmonton –

1. Trip cancellation charge: A cover for the nonrefundable trip expenses while at the time of cancellation of the trip.

2. Lost baggage, damaged goods and personal effects: A cover for the loss due to damage, theft and pilfer while at the time of travel.

3. Emergency travel: Cover for any kind of extra expenses incurred for emergency traveling during your trip.

4. Trip interruption: Any interruptions caused by emergencies or the policy terms which leads to a financial loss or added expenditure.

5. Dental insurance: A dental coverage up to a certain amount to cover any dental emergency arising during the travel. Usually opted by athletes and sportsmen.

A majority of the travel insurance plans in Edmonton are compulsorily customised or to say not general insurance policies. Edmonton Travel insurances also come in the form of student insurance plans, for the students studying in foreign countries.