How to Qualify the Eligibility Criteria for Super Visa Insurance?

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Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton

Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton can be challenging to qualify for. However, by following a proper procedure and guidance one can avail it just within eight weeks. Through this blog, we want to share with you the most basic necessities for a Super Visa Insurance application in Edmonton. Please feel free to contact us for any further guidance that you may require.

Purpose of Visiting Canada and Invitation Letter

Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton will not be qualified if by any chance if there may seem a possibility of permanent stay by the visitors. It must be clearly stated in the application that the visitors are going to be here only for a temporary period following which they have a full intention to return back to their home country. Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton should also contain a copy of the invitation letter that the host has sent to the visitors asking them to visit Canada for the purpose of uniting temporarily.

Home Country

It is necessary for specifying the status of the home country to qualify for a Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton. The home country has to be economically and socially stable and there has to be no reason by which the visitors would want to escape from their home country. To prove this in a Super Visa Insurance application in Edmonton, you can highlight any reason why the visitor won’t be staying in Canada for a long time. An example of such a situation would be visitors having dependents in the home country, who are well dependent on the visitor’s income and would need them after a period of time.

Financial Stability

This is one of the most important factors of a Super Visa Life Insurance in Edmonton. The Host will have to file a declaration stating that he/she would be giving complete financial support to the visitors. The host also needs to qualify a minimum income criterion depending on the family size. The family size includes the host, spouse, in Canada dependents and the visitors.

Medical Insurability

The visitors need to have a Medical Insurance coverage before applying for a Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton. The medical coverage should be taken from a Canadian Insurance Company and should have a coverage of at least $100,000. Medical Coverage of a Super Visa Insurance should be valid for at least one year from the day the visitors land in Canada. The visitors also need to take an IME (Immigration Medical Examination). This can be taken either before or during the Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton. However, taking it before-hand assists a quicker process.