Types of insurance services that you can avail according to your need!

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Confused with what type of insurance services to avail according to your need? Here are some of the insurance services list by which you can opt for the one, of your choice.

Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa Insurance is an insurance services offered by the federal government which can be availed from any insurance broker. It’s sole purpose is to reunite Canadian residents to their parents and grandparents. On qualifying a few conditions this insurance service offers a coverage for multiple entries and multiple periods. In short, under the same insurance service you can cover both parents and grandparents and also for multiple booties l visits to Canada.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one of the most commonly opted insurance services as it offers a coverage to your dependents after your demise. It is an event none of us can avoid but definitely can avoid a few impacts through this insurance service. Depending on your health evaluation and coverage requirement you will be proposed a monthly premium. We can help you calculate your coverage requirement with our expertise.

Emergency coverage

There may be many people who return to their province in Canada after a long time. For such people, in order to be eligible for insurance services, it may take up to three months. For them there is the ‘visitors to Canada’ policy or emergency policy, which is also called the Emergency plan, offered by almost all the insurance service providers.

Disability insurance services

Disability insurance service, as the name has it, provides a cover in case of a loss of income if a person is unable to work because of an illness or injury, and he/she is recovering.

Property and Casualty insurance

It has many subcategories of insurances services in it.


• Automobile insurance

• Property insurance

• Business insurance and

• Liability insurance

Automobile insurance constitutes more than half of the Property and casualty insurances, also all the cars which have been financed have to be insured as per the law.

Property involves both personal and business properties. As in automobile, all the mortgaged properties need to be insured as per the law. The contents inside the house or property can also be insured.

Business insurance is most useful to the businesses which are in a temporary recovery phase from any incident which has caused the partial or complete shut down of the business.

Liability insurance  is an old insurance service offered  by the insurance service providers. It covers the financial loss caused to a person by the policy holder.

Comprehensive policy

It is one of the most common insurance provided in insurance services. It is a tailored policy , which looks to significantly reduce the risk of insures as per their individual needs and assessments. For example, it may not only cover accident costs , at the time of an accident , but also cover the ancillary services followed by the accident such as medical insurance.